3-D scanning amarillo tx

3D Scanning:

Industrial construction and maintenance has fallen behind in the use of technology to create a better engineering & design product. At Altura, we are utilizing the latest innovations in 3D data capture & measurement. We own and operates the FARO X330 3D laser scanner with FARO Scene software to create highly accurate as-built 3D models or point clouds for projects. On most projects, scanning can be performed entirely from grade which eliminates the need to climb equipment which makes our time in the field safer and more productive. Changes to a facility can be modeled within the point cloud creating realistic 3D models of the proposed changes. Potential equipment clashes can be identified early during design to minimize rework during construction or operation. Due to the amount of data collected in one visit, site re-visits are reduced and in some cases not required even when scope change occurs. Altura's 3D design capability improve collaboration with the client during any stage of the project life cycle. Information can be easily visualized and decisions can be made faster and with greater confidence.

Scanner Specifications:

Certified using Faro 3D Scanning Equipment

Extended Scanning - 330m Range

Easy Positioning - Integrated GPS Receiver

Outdoor Scanning Capability

Low Noise Performance


Height Sensor (Altimeter)

Dual Axis Compensator

Pattern Recognition Software

Virtual Reality