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Project Development & Consulting

Gas turbine electrical power plant

Phase one of a successful project

is to assemble the right team and develop a scope that 

meets the project objectives.

We offer knowledge-based services that utilize actual experience to provide practical solutions for front-end loading project phases.

Our broad expertise and experience help us analyze all aspects of a project during its initial development and provide cost-effective solutions that not only satisfy technical requirements but are safe and consider the operability and maintenance of the facility. Our background allows us to understand the challenges and risks of projects from an owner’s perspective working through various options related to concepts, budgeting, construction, and contracting strategies. While connecting to the client’s specific needs and site characteristics.

Projects at oil refineries and industrial facilities

pose complex technical and resource challenges that require a strong integrated team, good communication and a well-defined scope. Without proper planning from phase one, projects are destined to experience scope creep, miss deadlines, and run over budget.

oil rig; oil and gas mechanical engineering

We are your phase one specialists.

Utilizing our broad technical expertise, we will work with you to perform a comprehensive examination of the full project lifecycle and consider all project variables such as construction, operations, maintenance, inspection, and reliability in order to lock in the scope, schedule, and budget of your project.

With this work completed at the front end, you can then step immediately into detailed engineering and design with the confidence that all aspects of the project have been taken into consideration and accounted for, therefore reducing scope creep, schedule delays, and increased costs over the duration of the project.

Our Goals

  • provide you with the necessary information and supporting documentation to secure funding for your most important projects
  • to ensure your projects are set up for success.

Developed relationships

with some of the best minds in the business

Additionally, through our years of experience at oil refineries and industrial facilities, we have developed relationships with some of the best minds in the business. This has allowed us to build a comprehensive network of consultants with a broad range of experience and expertise that are available to help at all levels of a project’s life cycle. If we don’t have someone available with the expertise that you need then we will utilize our networks to find that knowledge and ensure that you get the person that you need to make your project successful.


  • Long-Range Plan Capital Budgets and Forecast
  • Funding Scenarios and Strategies
  • Pre-project Evaluations
  • Process Package Evaluations
  • AFE/AFD Document Preparations
  • Specialty Project Development