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How can Altura support staffing needs?

As an Engineering & Design company with decades of experience in Energy, Oil & Gas, Petroleum, Agriculture, Food Processing Industries, we understand the challenges of hiring talented Engineers and Designers on an as-needed basis. 

 We have seen the challenges of finding talented individuals when budgets may not allow for you to hire full-time employees. We have had the opportunity to help our clients place talented Engineers and Designers in their workforce while we manage their payroll, insurance, and training to make sure they can focus on doing their best work for our clients. 

Promoting Success

At Altura, we understand that our clients and our employees are most successful when we do our due diligence in making sure they are a perfect fit for the job.  This is done by thorough interviews, background checks, and verification of their work history. 

An outsourced employment organization

Altura can act as a fully integrated outsourced employment organization, working side-by-side with clients. This eases the burden of in-house human resource teams by managing the entire process on their behalf.

Our team is trained to understand all the requirements needed to make sure your employees are paid on time and accurately to ensure they do not have to worry about this and focus on their projects. 

Project Management in discussion River Plant industrial engineering and design

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If you would like to discuss this further or have us, find you the right employee, please let us know. We will work hard to ensure you are satisfied with your new employee.

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