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What are the Phases of a Design Project with Altura Engineering

The main challenge of managing projects is ensuring everyone is on the same page. Projects have multiple moving parts and different deliverables that require departmental collaboration. Unfortunately, the first project meeting isn’t enough to guarantee the project’s success, especially in the energy, oil, gas, and petroleum industry. Project design using Altura Engineering provides an opportunity for project managers to align ideas, deliverables, and processes. Below are the key phases of the design project with Altura Engineering.

1. Staffing

Staffing is a crucial determinant of the success of any design project. Unfortunately, most companies fail in this first step by making the wrong hires. Most companies struggle to find talented individuals, especially if they can’t hire employees on a full-time basis due to budgetary limitations.
If you’ve been struggling with employee onboarding, Altura Engineering takes away this tough hassle. With extensive experience in the energy and petroleum industries, Altura understands the various hurdles of finding talented engineers, especially on a need basis. Altura works closely with clients as an outsourced employment company to ease the burden on their HR teams.

2. Project Development and Consulting
Assembling the right team is the first step of a successful design project. With the right team in place, you should focus on project development. This involves analyzing the various facts of the project and key determinants of project success. Unfortunately, this step can prove challenging for those in industrial facilities and oil refineries. With a good plan, your project can stay within the budget, meet deadlines, and experience other issues.
Altura Engineering offers extensive project development and consulting services. If you feel stuck in the project development stage, Altura offers knowledge-based consultations that give project managers practical solutions based on actual experience. With extensive experience in these industries, Altura experts analyze various aspects of your project and offer safe and cost-effective approaches that meet the required technical standards.
Altura Engineering can help in the following areas of project design:

  • Capital budgets and forecasts
  • Pre-project evaluation
  • Funding strategies and options available
  • AFD and AFE document preparation

Altura Engineering has a network of consultants with extensive experience who can offer project development insights at various levels of the project’s life cycle.

3. 3D Scanning
Industries and project managers should leverage advancing technologies in various design project stages. One of the many technologies that have revolutionized manufacturing industries is 3D scanning. Besides being expensive, finding the right personnel for your 3D scanning machines might prove challenging.
Altura Engineering offers the following beneficial services at various levels of the project lifecycle:

  • Outdoor scanning abilities using either of their three 3D scanners
  • Ability to connect scans with local coordinate systems and third-party surveying companies
  • Integrated GPS receiver

Scanning for most projects can be done from grade, eliminating the safety risks of climbing large installations. Clients can also model changes using 3D modeling during the design phase. With this, you can easily identify potential issues before the actual installation.

4. Engineering & Design
If your design project is in this phase, Altura Engineering brings forth unmatched technical expertise, operational knowledge, and experience in plant operations to support various engineering projects.
Altura’s engineering services include pump sizing, platform design, structural analysis, valve sizing, and many other engineering tasks. Altura’s goal is to help refineries and similar facilities execute design project objectives safely.

The success of design projects relies on these individual phases. For instance, achieving project goals becomes impossible if you don’t have the right staffing. Altura Engineering team has the required knowledge and expertise to guarantee your design projects’ success.