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Engineering Services Second to None

Altura has the operational knowledge, technical expertise, and plant experience to support you on a variety of engineering projects. We specialize in revamping projects at oil refineries that require integration within an existing infrastructure. We provide project management and a multi-disciplinary team comprised of Mechanical, Civil/Structural, and Instrument & Electrical engineers. We verify designs by performing stress analysis on piping systems, structures, and pressure vessels utilizing Caesar II, STAAD Pro, and Compress software. Our goal is to help you execute your objectives safely.


There are multiple areas where we can help your team:

Mechanical Engineering

  • Pipe Stress
  • Pump Sizing
  • Pressure Vessel Design and Re-rates
  • Piping System Hydraulic Analysis
  • Control Valve Sizing


Structural Engineering & Design

  • Structural investigations of existing structures and detailed reports of structural findings
  • Existing structure rehabilitation and/or repurposing, structural steel design for pipe supports and miscellaneous platforms and other structures
  • Steel joist design
  • Guyed wire design and retrofit
  • Underground piping encasements
  • Stack evaluation
  • Pump base plate design
  • Equipment skid design
  • Lifting lug design for large vessels and skids

Civil Engineering & Design

  • Foundation design including mass pour concrete design
  • Slab-on-grade foundations
  • Drilled piers
  • Guyed wire dead man concrete anchors
  • Tank ring wall foundation design
  • Pre-engineered building slab design
  • Vertical and horizontal pressure vessel foundation design and spread footer design
  • Detailed analysis of both post-installed and cast-in-place anchor design
  • Grading and drainage assessment and design

Instrumentation Engineering & Design

  • Wiring diagrams
  • Loop diagrams
  • Instrumentation specification

Electrical Engineering & Design

  • Panel schedules
  • Arc Flash Studies
  • Raceway Systems (conduit, ductbank & cable tray)
  • Lighting
  • Lightning protection
  • Grounding
  • One-Lines & Schematics
  • Loop Drawings

Our highly trained team at Altura Engineering and Design is ready to help you meet your project needs. We streamline the engineering and design phase of your project to get you from conceptual ideas to construction in a safe, efficient, and reliable manner. Whether you need to speak with an engineering consultant about piping stresses, mechanical design standards, or structural systems, if you’re searching for a reputable engineering firm to oversee your project, look no further. Contact us today!